What if we could treat some of the worst problems in health care?

And what if it turned out the answers were all connected, and staring us in the face?


What if patients had powerful tools to really choose?

Would you book an airline flight or buy groceries without knowing the cost?  Probably not.  Then, why would we settle for less when it comes to some of the most important decisions we can make; our choices in health care?  Who knew you even had a choice – or deserved to know how much it would set you back? With Concila, say goodbye to surprises and sticker shock.  When you have out of pocket expenses, not only will you know what everything is going to cost up front, you’ll be able to choose the price, the time and the provider that are best for you.    




What if doctors had quality time to really provide care?

You entered the practice of medicine to take care of patients, not fill out reams of paperwork and chase voicemails and faxes.  We believe that the doctor-patient relationship is not just a quaint relic. The more time you spend tracking down test results and figuring out what your patient’s insurance may or may not cover, the less time you can devote to your patients. With Concila’s free integrated platform, those days are over.  You will love what Concila will do for your workflow and your practice. Let us help you get back to practicing medicine. 

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What if vendors had innovative ways to really compete?

 No matter whether you’re a big guy or a little guy, there’s no substitute for being right there on the spot when a patient is choosing how to spend his or her discretionary dollars. With Concila, you will be.  And you know the facts of life - consumers have more discretionary choices to make all the time, as co-insurance climbs, co-pay requirements skyrocket, and high deductible plans proliferate wildly. Health care reform marches on. Meanwhile, we help you get the job done.

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