Obamacare will leave 30 million uninsured

A recent analysis of the Affordable Care Act published on the blog of Health Affairs showed the Affordable Care Act will leave at least 29.8 million to as many as 31 million persons uninsured by 2016 – depending on how many states eventually decide to join the ACA’s Medicaid expansion provisions that expand coverage to lower-income individuals.

Notably, 80 percent of the still-uninsured are projected to be American citizens – amounting to some 24 million individuals. Most will be white, working-age adults, many of them employed. Included in the projection are 4.3 million children and one million veterans.

“The ACA will leave tens of millions uncovered,” the authors summarized in their June 6 posting. “It will do little to alter racial disparities in coverage. It will also perpetuate disparities in access based on state of residence. The ACA, whatever its merits, will fall well short of its stated goal of providing affordable care for all Americans.”

The analysis was done by Dr. Rachel Nardin and four colleagues from Harvard Medical School.

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